Howard Kwong

Technologist, entrepreneur and public speaker

Howard Kwong has more than 14 years of experience in information technology and digital transformation for Fortune 500 as well as entrepreneurship in America and Asia.

Howard was the COO of Stakk, a leading millennial-focused video content and product platform in Hong Kong. Before joining Stakk, Howard servced as the CTO of Delivery Republic, the online-to-offline service provider that operates the biggest delivery network coverage in Hong Kong. 

Prior to Delivery Republic, Howard was the Assistant Director of Technology for SCMP Group where he led the technology and business transform to push the publisher of South China Morning Post, one of Asia’s oldest English media outlets, into the digital-native and mobile-first era. Howard was the CTO for Hong Kong’s homegrown Handheld Culture, a popular e-commerce platform for Chinese-language ebooks.

Howard’s entrepreneurship was inspired by his professional consultancy services at Accenture and Capgemini, two leading technology-focused consulting firms. Howard, a computer science graduate of Cornell University, is a frequent public speaker on topics including Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Big Data, Cloud Technologies, and Publishing. He has also lectured at the Hong Kong Design Institute about digital publishing technology and production.